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Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Speakerphone

While built-in Bluetooth is becoming increasingly common on posh motors, it's sadly still far from becoming standard on all new cars. With the ban on mobile use while driving in force in the UK, there are only two real options for those who need to make and receive calls while driving: either go for a Bluetooth headset, or instead opt for a Bluetooth speaker hands-free device.

If you choose the latter route then Jabra's SP700 Speakerphone might be of interest because it's got lots of tempting features, not least of which is the built-in FM transmitter that enables you to route calls through your car stereo.

The SP700 is small and light and designed to clip on to the driver side sun visor in your car via a sturdy metallic clip on the rear. Because the unit is very slim at a mere 17mm, it's pretty inconspicuous once it's in place and the clip does hold the unit firmly in place so it doesn't move or rattle around while you drive. This clip handily also doubles as a stand when you want to use the SP700 at home or in the office.

Jabra has kept the controls to a minimum, which is sensible for something that's designed to be used while driving. The top of the device actually acts as one big push button. To turn on the SP700 you press and hold it for two seconds; to answer a call or hang up you tap it once, and to turn it off you press and hold the button down for four seconds. It's all pretty straightforward stuff.

As well as the main button, there's also a volume rocker switch on the right and a button to activate the FM transmitter on the left, but more on that later.

Pairing the device with your phone is very easy to do. To activate pairing mode you just press and hold the main button for five seconds, do a search for it on your phone and then enter the standard ‘0000' Bluetooth PIN code. The speakerphone can store pairing information for up to eight different devices at any one time so you don't have to pair and re-pair handsets if the unit is going to be used by different people - in a family car, for example.

Four lights on the front give you an indication of the SP700's status at any particular time. For example, there's one to show you when it's connected to a handset, one to indicate when a call is active and another lights up when the battery needs recharging. These lights can also be dimmed down by using the Night Mode so they don't distract you when you're driving at night, although to find out how to do this we had to download the full manual from the websites as it's not covered in the quick start guide that's include in the box.

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February 2, 2009, 10:03 pm

I've got one of these and I'll second that recommendation - it's a quality bit of kit.


February 4, 2009, 6:03 pm

I've had one since November - very good device at a good price. I'm using it with a Nokia 6300, and it does everything you need of it, and has the added benefit of not making you look like a borg drone, unlike other bluetooth headsets.

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